Winter of Sports – FIFA World Cup

Go head to head with France from 8pm, June 16th! We’ll have the place decked out with heaters & blankets, greens & golds and enough Budweiser to keep you warm from the inside out. Entry is free.

PLUS an additional special food menu for the occasion, to fuel you throughout the night.

Skripal Burger

Juicy Wagyu beef patty, poisoned with smoky charcoal flavours and pickles.


Just like Canadian poutine, only sweeter. Sweet potato fries, fresh curds and gravy.


Sauerkraut, Russian hot mustard mayo and shredded cheddar.

Don’t miss out on a prime viewing position by reserving your seats online or call 03 9686 5088. Leave a comment when reserving online or let staff know it’s for FIFA. Also as part of the Winter Of Sports series we’ll also be screening the State Of Origin series – check out more info.